Month: June 2017

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This technique must be well thought out, your decision is the only one that will be taken into account. It is necessary to have before your decision several interviews with the healthcare team explaining to you the advantages and disadvantages of this device. See Rhinoplasty Las Vegas Pro on SiteW.

Invasive ventilation, tracheotomy assisted ventilation (VTT) It is evoked when the NIV technique (noninvasive) is no longer sufficient, is poorly tolerated or becomes ineffective.
The VAT will totally support, thanks to a machine, the circulation of air in your lungs.
They are not affected and will perform their trade function 02 / C02.
To inject this air into your trachea, a preliminary operative gesture is necessary.
A small opening will be made on the neck, under the Adam’s apple, to allow the insertion into the trachea of ​​a canula connected to the respirator.
A fortnight of hospitalization is necessary to carry out the tests, and to ensure that no infectious process is established.
We take advantage of this time to educate the entourage – and this is indispensable – to the simple gestures of aspiration and change of canula.
The results of the blood gas monitoring and the nocturnal oximetry will attest to the effectiveness of the method and the correct choice of the parameters chosen.
When you leave the hospital you will have at your home a material already adjusted according to your needs.

Why this constant presence?
The secretions and the mucus constantly secreted must be aspirated by a probe in order not to stop a correct circulation of the air. The frequency of this suction is variable.
There are vacuum cleaners of mucus of various kinds.
The service provider in charge of your installation will advise you.
It will also tell you the technique to reduce the risk of infection during decontamination of the probe.
It is important that all suction equipment is kept in a clean and properly sanitized state

It may be necessary to quickly change a cannula that would have clogged, for more information, consult the documentation.

These constraints require early warning of this practice and record your wishes, knowing that the VAT does not allow virtually no reversal, contrary to the NAV.
It should also be noted that this practice replaces a function that has become deficient but that it will not prevent the disease from developing.

Your decision must fully meet your expectations.

From the point of view of the choice of the VAT, nursing, by auxiliaries of life trained, will be able to assist you.
It is also necessary to know that due to the social laws (paid holidays, 35 hours, Saturday and Sunday), it is a rotation of 6 to 7 people that is necessary to meet the needs of your state 24/7 and 365 days per year.

If the tracheotomy makes it possible to supplement the deficient work of the respiratory muscles, it has the disadvantage of being a discomfort to the speech. Systems that allow phonation exist, they will only be effective if you do not have speech disorders related to your disease.

Pulsed air in the lungs must be heated and moistened.
Very precise hygiene care must always be observed in order to avoid the entry of germs.
Treatment is by simple medical prescription.
The provider of follow-up care for patients at home is paid directly by the health insurance fund.